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Andrew Bynum will play for Cavaliers in Philadelphia vs. 76ers

Andrew Bynum is finally going to play a game in Philly.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bynum is returning to Philadelphia. He spent last season in Philly, but never actually set foot on the court with his teammates during a game. Knee injuries held Bynum out for the entirety of last year and then the two parties opted to go their separate ways during the offseason.

The Cleveland Cavaliers signed Andrew Bynum to a relatively low-risk deal during the summer. Nobody was sure when or if Bynum would ever play for the Cavs. Throughout the preseason and training camp, there were continually positive reports about Bynum's progress and it all culminated when he was active for opening night vs. the Brooklyn Nets. Bynum has played in 3 of the Cavaliers' 4 games thus far in 2013-14 and saw his minutes increase in the most recent win against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

And now, he'll go back to Philly where he collected over $16 million but never played a minute of basketball. And he'll go as a member of the Cavs. And he'll play.

I'm sure the Philadelphia crowd will give him an enthusiastic welcome back. And I'm sure Bynum will just smile to himself. It's pretty clear that Bynum is in a better place (mentally, not geographically) than he was a year ago. When Jason Lloyd asked Bynum how he felt about playing against the Sixers, Bynum gave an amazing answer:

"It wasn't my choice to get rid of me. I don't feel bad at all."

Troll so hard, Andrew.