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Anthony Bennett injury: Cavaliers' 1st overall pick injures shoulder Friday night, does not return

Anthony Bennett left Friday night's game with a shoulder injury. This probably isn't how he pictured his NBA career starting.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a pretty rough start to Anthony Bennett's NBA career. He hasn't been able to get anything going on offense and on Friday night, he left the game with a right shoulder injury. He hurt his shoulder in the first half of the Cavaliers' pathetic 94-79 loss to the Philadelphia Sixers and did not return to the game.

Bennett went back to the locker room almost immediately after he appeared to jam his shoulder on another player. He received x-rays, but they were apparently negative. The Cavs announced the injury as a right shoulder sprain and that's all we really know at this point.

It's important to note that this is not the same shoulder that he had surgery on during the offseason. It's the other one. So this isn't a case of him coming back too soon from injury or anything going wrong with that surgery. It's the other shoulder. Got all that?

I really hope this injury isn't too serious because Bennett needs to get back on the court. He needs to keep working on his conditioning and work on getting used to playing in the NBA with his teammates. It's been a nightmarish beginning to Bennett's season -- hopefully he doesn't miss too much time and can get on track once he returns.

I think it's safe to say that Bennett will not play tonight when the Cavs host the Sixers, but that hasn't been officially announced. I'll let you know when we know more.