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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Orlando Magic Final Score: 109-100 Cavaliers trump the mystical punks

The Cleveland Cavaliers outlasted a terrible first quarter to counter their spell of terrible play on the road against the Orlando Magic.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A chanted word. A storybook from your childhood. A long lost thought, filled with the hope and illusion of imagination, brimming with the naivety of fantasy. Magic. A thing to be defeated and celebrated. A thing to be sought after and denigrated.

Tonight it was both. Tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers turned the Orlando Magic's name against them, flummoxing their defense with the spells of Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving, securing a 109-100 victory.

I won't go into too much detail in this recap. Magic is much more special when left to its own devices, shrouded in secrecy, leaping out of the shadows and latching onto your brain stem, stimulating every sense.

But I will say this: Kyrie Irving looked like Kyrie Irving tonight. Although he only shot 50% on the night (good, but not great) he was aggressive, got to the FT line (5-5 from the stripe) and generally dominated this game  with his well-known skillset.

Bynum was non-existent in this game, largely due to Orlando's strategy of fronting and doubling him. He barely got any touches and didn't do anything with the ones he got. But by the second half, The Cavs figured out how to adjust to this, exploiting Orlando's excessive attention to Bynum's presence.

The most impressive of second half performances was Dion Waiters', as he put the Cavaliers on his back, scoring 20 of his 21 points in the second half. He was driving to the basket, taking shots in rhythm and generally being awesome.

The best thing Waiters did, though, occurred at the very end of the game when Andrew Nicholson shoved Anderson Varejao (who had just suffered a knee injury earlier in the game) a full second or so after he made a wide open layup. Dion was fired up about this blatant disregard for sporting decency and got up in Nicholson's face.

This alone makes me love Dion. He's willing to go to war over his teammates' safety and honor. That is what makes a great teammate. It's certainly enough to offset any reported scuffle he may or may not have been involved in. Dion Waiters is proving to be a key component to the Cavs' winning efforts. Every little thing he does makes me more convinced of this.

So in summary: Dion was awesome, Kyrie was awesome, Andy was awesome, Matthew Dellavedova provided some great hustle plays, and everyone else was meh. Great win for the Cavs on the road, where they had the worst mark in the league until this game.

Enjoy this win tonight gang, because we play the Miami Heat tomorrow.


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