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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Portland Trailblazers final score: Cavs try to rebound: Literally don't, fall 116-119.

The Cavs have had two really fun games, and lost. At least it's fun though.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was really really awesome...... and bizarre. Kyrie Irving scored 9 straight points in 61 seconds, and then fed Anderson Varejao for the game tying bucket (Credit: Tristan Thompson for awesome defense to allow this to occur). Then, the strangest thing happened: The game was just mysteriously called. Tied at 116, it was just over. Nothing happened after that. Not a thing. What are you looking at? Stop it.

Stuff I Liked

-Dion Waiters: Ensconced in more silly rumors, Dion balled out in all phases tonight, making big plays all over the place. He and Kyrie combined for 50 points (25 and 25), and Dion showed a great feel and command of both his offense and the offense of everyone else on the court (Kyrie included). Rumors of them never being able to play together were greatly exaggerated.

-Mike Brown's rotations: Make has found something in this 3rd-4th quarter unit. Dion, Delly, Jack, Clark, and Andy have really been playing great as a group the last few games, leading huge Cavalier charges.

-Cavs defense and ball movement. The Cavs initial defense was solid, and they didn't turn the ball over.

-Kyrie Irving: The usual Wizardry. He had some YOLOISO moments upon reentry in the 4th, but overall a wonderful game.

Stuff I didn't Like

-Rebounding. Rebounding Rebounding Rebounding Rebounding. All front court players will be feeling pretty bad tonight.

-Other than that, there really isn't much. The Cavs scored 116 points and even a solid showing on the defensive glass would have resulted in a blowout. Close to the perfect game, not much to be mad about.

Up next is the Milwaukee Bucks at the Q on Friday. The Cavs NEED to keep this momentum going. Beat the Nuggets and Clippers, and close losses against the Heat and Blazers are meaningless if you drop a game against Milwaukee at home.