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NBA Trade Rumors: Cavaliers not likely to be involved in Omer Asik trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers were once rumored to be involved in some sort of a trade for Omer Asik, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There has been lots of speculation about where Omer Asik will be traded in the next day or two. Several reports linked the Cavaliers to a potential three team deal that would land Asik with the Boston Celtics and perhaps somebody like Jeff Green on the Cavs. That apparently is no longer the case.

Adrian Wojnarowski is the king of trade rumors and he recently reported that the Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks were unlikely to be involved.

It also seems very very unlikely that the Celtics will be involving Jeff Green. Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated tweeted earlier today that the Celtics weren't particularly interested in moving Green.

I know there was a lot of discussion on this blog about the Cavaliers trying to get Green as an upgrade on the wing over Alonzo Gee and others. But that doesn't seem to be much of an option anymore. If the Celtics do trade for Asik, it would probably look something more like this deal that Woj recently tweeted about.

Maybe the Cavs could get Courtney Lee as a third team in the deal, but his contract isn't great. I also think the Cavs have plenty of mediocre wing players and probably don't need to get another one.

Anything can happen and things can change quickly in the NBA -- but as it stands right now, the Cavaliers' might be sitting tight for a little while.