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Fear the Sword night recap!

Fear the Sword invaded Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday night. It was a good time.


The Cleveland Cavaliers helped us out for a nice deal on some all you can eat tickets to see the team take on the Chicago Bulls Saturday night. Despite being on a holiday weekend, and the night of the Ohio State-Michigan game, we had a pretty great turnout and even got to see the Cavaliers win. Dion Waiters continued a nice stretch of play, Andrew Bynum showed up in a huge way, and Kyrie Irving set the tone early. Tristan Thompson reminded us all of his existence. It was great.

Somewhere between 20-25 people showed up in some capacity, whether it was Cousin_Drew stopping by at Harry Buffalo before the game, or Eric Maroun of Hardwood Paroxysm making the game with his wife. Wyndon and Kenny and even a couple Bulls fans made the trip up all the way from Columbus.

The night started at the Harry Buffalo, and though there were some hiccups early, everyone was able to sit in the same area and it was cool to put some faces to the name and personalities. I originally started reading this website, and commenting on articles because I thought it was really neat that the writers would engage and argue and have fun with people who frequented the site. Getting to go a step further and actually get to know everyone in a social setting (that still involved the Cavs!) made it a really fun night.

Things that I particularly enjoyed during the night

1) Hanging out with Kgeter. Really happy he made the trip up. Been one of my favorites for awhile and it was cool to get to know him.

2) WitMi and Mourt not killing each other

3) WitMi being a cool dude. Sorry we didn't get to talk more during the game or beforehand.

4) Watching the game with BeenQuietinLoudville. His inside info of the various seating areas was vital to making sure a few people weren't watching the game on their own.

5) Spotting RoyistheBoy sitting on his own dancing in crunch time and Kenny running to get him immediately to make sure he was near us.

6) Angelo trying to make sense of everyone's behavior at the Clevelander after the game.

7) Ahowie trying to make sense of everyone's behavior at the Clevelander after the game.

8) Mourt and I got along. Maybe that needs a bullet point as well.

I think this was successful enough that hopefully we can put it together again either this year or definitely next year. We are certainly open to ideas on how to better organize it or pick a time when this works for the most people. I apologize for picking Harry Buffalo even though they weren't able to really accommodate us but it was a) hard to get a real count on how many people were coming or b) get them to let us reserve space or a table. We can look into a different spot next time, but again, I think it basically worked out alright.