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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks Final score: Cavaliers come out flat, dominated by Hawks 108-89

The Cavs stumbled out of the gate...... and presumably stumbled into the plane, into Atlanta, into practice, and right out of contention in the first quarter of this game too.

Kevin C. Cox

Another lazy blowout loss. I would wonder aloud why Byron Scott frequently questioned this groups effort. I would wonder why Jamahl Mosley and Mike Brown are now. The only problem is I already did that. The Cavaliers once again gave very little effort and lost to the Atlanta Hawks, 109-89.

So here we are, wondering what the heck is going on. Normally I go into detail with some lists of things I liked, and things I don't like, but this game made that a little pointless. Dion Waiters was excellent. He attacked the rim, took good, balanced, open shots, and at least put forth an effort on defense. Jeff Teague and Lou Williams are talented offensive players, you can forgive a player who is trying but fails, when everyone else for the most part is in such a malaise. Dion had 30 points on 20 shots, and only 2 turnovers. He had 1 assist, but he was moving the ball. Anderson Varejao (1-6), Kyrie Irving (0-9), Jarrett Jack (4-10), and Matt Dellavedova (3-7) were his primary running mates, and not exactly converting buckets.

Andrew Bynum had a fine offensive game, but a team with a talented, quick front line, and a savvy coach quickly exposed his weaknesses on defense. Al Horford and Paul Millsap can run, shoot, and excel in the pick and roll, as does Jeff Teague, so Bynum spent most of his night in no man's land defensively. Not for lack of effort, there is just nothing he can really do about it, unfortunately. You could see it on his face, in his effort, and on the bench, losing and crap efforts kills him, and I respect that.

We play the Clippers tomorrow, at home. I expect us to get blown out, which means that they will show up and play hard, and we will be left wondering why games like tonight happen yet again.

Have a good night Cavs fans, and enjoy the snow, and to our brothers at LandGrantHolyLand, GO BUCKS.