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NBA Trade Deadline: Fear the Sword Mailbag

Questions about what the Cleveland Cavaliers, or other teams might do around the trade deadline? Send 'em my way.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Trade Deadline is fast approaching, and things always heat up around All-Star weekend. The Cavaliers have already been active, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are done quite yet. They have until 3:00 pm on February 21 to further set the team up for long term success. I have a pretty good feel for what a lot of the teams around the league are trying to get accomplished before the deadline, and a good handle (for the most part) on the salary cap and its quirks and complexities.

Want to know the issues surrounding keeping or trading Marreese Speights? Wayne Ellington? Walton or Gibson trade value? Want to run by a trade you came up with on the Trade Machine? Have a question that has nothing to do with the Cavs? Send 'em my way, and I will do my best to come up with a good answer. I can consult with Sam or Conrad if I don't think I have a good answer.

You can either ask your questions in the comments, or email me at The answers to questions will probably go up the Monday after All Star Weekend. So get your questions in this week. While this is a good opportunity for long-form answers, remember that you can interact with the writers on the site over twitter as well. You can get me @davidzavac or @fearthesword.