In case you hadn’t heard, Nerlens Noel obliterated his knee last night. He may never play basketball again. If he does, he won’t be the same. I don’t want to link video or a picture because the injury was that ugly.

So where do the Cavs go from here? Nerlens was the only guy in the draft I was really interested in. I assumed Shabazz would go #1 overall, this meant in a draft class with few high-end talents, but a lot of depth, I assumed the Cavs would be able to either select, or trade up to select Noel.

I have no idea what we do now. I firmly believe the Cavs will not select a SF, and that the plan this year is to select a C, then sign a SF in free agency in 2014. We aren’t reserving cap space for Rudy Gay/Lebron James while drafting someone at his position one year earlier. I don’t really like Cody Zeller or Alex Len, at least not how I liked Noel. I don’t know anything about the foreign Rudy Golwhatever. Noel was the perfect player for the Cavs, and I believe the Cavs had the assets to acquire Noel, even if our pick fell out of the top 4.

So where do we go from here? The Cavs need an interior presence to be competitive. TT is not enough, Andy cannot be trusted to play a full season, and TZ is well, he’s TZ. This injury completely derails the tank for me.

Is the plan moving forward to go after Al Jefferson? Do we mortgage the farm to trade for Cousins? Talk me off the ledge

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