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Rookie-Soph Game: ...And Then Kyrie Happened

So the Rookie-Sophomore game was pretty much over. Team Shaq was getting obliterated by Team Chuck. It was a remarkably boring game to watch due to a complete and utter lack of defense. Tyler Zeller was getting obliterated by Kenneth Faried in the post. Tristan Thompson was the only person giving any sort of real offensive rebounding effort. Dion Waiters was fun in the time that he played, throwing down a nice alley-oop in the first half. But pretty much, this game was difficult to watch due to the blowout and lack of defense.

And then Kyrie Irving happened.

Kyrie basically decided to take it upon himself to make the game interesting by instigating a one-on-one game with the Pistons' Brandon Knight. This was the result:





You can tip your waiters and waitresses, ladies and gentlemen. Kyrie Irving has left the building, entered space, and gone supernova.