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NBA All Star Weekend: Kyrie Irving in the All Star Game on TNT

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been all over your television screen this weekend and it continues tonight. Kyrie Irving will be playing in the NBA All Star Game in Houston, Texas.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving has won the MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge.

Kyrie Irving has won the Foot Locker Three Point Contest.

Can Kyrie Irving go ahead and win the MVP of the All Star Game too?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are slowly but surely getting back on the map and much of that is thanks to their 20 year old superstar. Kyrie will not be starting in the All Star Game (stupid, Spoelstra), but he will be playing for the Eastern Conference.

I have no idea how many minutes he will play, but I'm sure that Kyrie will put on a dazzling show whenever he has the ball in his hands. I'm especially looking forward to Kyrie going toe to toe with Kobe Bryant and trying to knock him on his ass with a filthy crossover.

It would also be acceptable if we saw some alley-oops thrown from Kyrie to LeBron James. You know, just to make ESPN lose their shit.

The 2013 NBA All Star Game starts at 8 PM Eastern on TNT.