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NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers rumors round-up

Here is your roundup of all Cavs-related rumors as we head towards the trade deadline on Thursday at 3 P.M.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

So as I write this we're about 38 hours away from the trade deadline, and rumors are starting to heat up. Or at least wild speculation is. It seems Josh Smith is the biggest name sure to be dealt by Thursday, and that Kevin Garnett probably is not going to the Clippers.

As far as the Cavaliers though, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot brewing. The biggest deadline-related news came from Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, who reported that the Cavs are attempting to get another first-round pick:

As the NBA nears Thursday's 3 p.m. trade deadline, the Cavaliers remain in pursuit of another first-round pick to add to their bulging war chest of draft picks. With time running out, there is at least a decent chance they don't get it.

My only real thought on this is that the Cavaliers must REALLY love this draft class, or at least be in love with specific players in this draft class enough to want to stockpile enough assets to move up and get their guy. If they acquire another pick for the 2013 Draft without shipping one out, that'll be five selections. With four of the Cavaliers' core players being 23 or under, I can't see the Cavaliers making more than two picks (something that Conrad will allude to in the podcast that will be released Wednesday morning).

Other news:

-Nothing new really on the Marreese Speights front, even though all of the Cleveland-area news outlets packaged a story about him today. Basically they'll trade him if they can get a good deal, but it seems they aren't necessarily opposed to keeping him either. For what it's worth, Speights has said all of the right things since being acquired. This comes from Jodie Valade of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

And Speights would like to stay. The 25-year-old waived a no-trade clause in his contract to come to Cleveland, and said the Cavaliers have been a destination team for him since he worked out for the team three times before the 2008 draft.

"I love Cleveland, I love these fans and I love playing with these kids, these players," Speights said. "Whatever happens Thursday's out of my control."

-No news on Wayne Ellington, whose name has been conspicuously absent from trade rumors even though I feel pretty confident that he could help a few teams. I'm pretty happy about that and I'd love for him to stay after this season.

-The Cavaliers do have the expiring contracts of Luke Walton and Daniel Gibson to use as assets, however there's nothing new legitimately linking them anywhere. If the Cavs can get anything at all for them, I imagine that they'll take it even if it's a heavily protected 2nd rounder in 2025. It's highly unlikely that either will be in Cleveland when next season rolls around.

-Finally, as has been mentioned for about the last month, Omri Casspi is still out there for anyone who wants him. I'm kind of wishing for an amicable split at this point so that Casspi can get what might be his final shot in the NBA, but I don't really have my hopes up for that at the moment.

Even though it might end up being a quiet deadline for the Cavaliers, Fear The Sword will have all of your Cavalier-centric news. So stay tuned, and have fun on the trade machines.