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NBA Trade Rumors: HoopsWorld Reports Spurs Show Interest in Casspi

The Omri Casspi saga may finally come to an end within the next 18 hours. According to Steve Kyler of, The San Antonio Spurs have inquired about Casspi. I'm as surprised as you are.

Sources close to the process peg the San Antonio Spurs has a good fit and a team that has expressed some interest in Casspi, the problem is they won't offer much for him. If the Cavs would do a DeJuan Blair based deal, the Cavs could find a taker on Casspi fairly quick.

I'd CERTAINLY take a Blair for Casspi deal. That would allow the Cavaliers to trade Marreese Speights for some value without losing too much talent this year. Blair actually has a lot of the same strengths that Speights does, in that he's a good rebounder with decent scoring instincts. Just to provide full disclosure, DeJuan Blair grew up about 25 minutes from where I did, which means I'll always root for him to succeed. But I actually think he can be a useful player for this Cavalier team.

Even if Blair isn't involved, it's probably a good idea just to get Casspi off of this Cavalier team. He's clearly been unhappy with his playing time and role over the past couple of months, and barring injury I can't see anything changing. Casspi might become an extremely valuable player for the Spurs because Gregg Popovich sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to resurrect seemingly dead careers. I'm willing to deal with that. But he's definitely not reaching his potential here, so you might as well send him somewhere that he might.

Keep it with Fear The Sword for all of your trade deadline needs. We'll be covering everything as it rolls in.