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NBA Rumors: Omri Casspi May Be Bought Out?/Appendix Removed

An Israeli newspaper has reported that Cavalier forward Omri Casspi might be bought out.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

According to Walla Sports of Israel (story was picked up by, Omri Casspi has told the Cavaliers that he would like to be bought out.


If Casspi is indeed bought out, it will put to bed a drawn out process that probably should have ended a long time ago. Casspi hasn't been happy about his playing time for about two months. However, if that's the case I don't understand why he would want to go to Houston or Memphis. Not only are both of these squads playoff teams, but also they're actually pretty solid at small forward. Does anyone see Casspi getting minutes over Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye or Quincy Pondexter for Memphis? What about Chandler Parsons or Carlos Delfino? I don't.

I'm all for Casspi getting his final shot in the NBA, as it seems he's not going to get it here. But this seems to be more of a power play by his agent (listed on as Steven Heumann of CAA) to attempt to get the Cavaliers to release his client. There's not really any indication here that the Cavaliers are considering this. We'll keep you updated as more news continues to come out.

UPDATE (11:30 P.M. Sunday): According to Marc Spears of Yahoo!, Casspi had his appendix removed last night and is out indefinitely. He was hospitalized prior to the Magic game with what was being called "acute abdominal pain." Obviously this is not the best news for anyone, and here's to hoping for a speedy recovery for Casspi.