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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls: Oh no, not the Bulls

The Cleveland Cavaliers will try to rebound from an unfortunate loss to the Miami Heat when they travel to Chicago to take on the Bulls on NBATV.

Jonathan Daniel

Oh damn, the Cavs have to play in Chicago again. And for some reason, this game is going to be televised on NBATV. I really didn't want people to see what happens when we play the Bulls.

Who? Cleveland Cavaliers (18-38) vs. Chicago Bulls (32-24)

When? 8:00 PM Eastern

Where? United Center -- Chicago, IL

Where on my eyeballs? Fox Sports Ohio / NBATV

Tickets? Cleveland Cavaliers tickets

Enemy/brother blog? Blog a Bull


If you are a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers, I probably don't have to tell you how much trouble this team has with the Chicago Bulls. It seems as though every single time the Cavs and Bulls meet, Cleveland just get absolutely destroyed. The Bulls' defense is superb and their offense becomes incredible when facing the swiss cheese defense of the Cavs. Considering this is another game on the road after a tough loss in Miami and the Bulls just got embarrassed by the Oklahoma City Thunder on national television, I'm not feeling great about this game.

Why is this game on NBATV? Why do people want to watch the Bulls at all after they just put up the single worst shooting performance of the year against OKC the other night (they shot 20.8% from the floor)? And I guess it's good that people want to see Kyrie Irving do his thing, I just wish that people knew what they were getting themselves into. If the Cavaliers do not get blown out by the Bulls, I will be thoroughly surprised.

I believe David will have an article about the improvement and progress of Dion Waiters up later today, but I really hope that continues. He was spectacular against the Miami Heat and has been shooting over 50% from the field throughout the entire month of February. It would be great to see him continue that tonight against Chicago. He has made enormous strides as far as finishing at the rim is concerned and it makes me happy. There will be games when Kyrie Irving struggles (yes, Kyrie can struggle -- he is human) and it's a huge bonus if Dion can take over some of the ball-handling duties and initiate offense. That 2-headed monster is exactly what Chris Grant and Byron Scott imagined when they drafted Waiters.

Tristan Thompson has been struggling a bit offensively lately, but it hasn't really seemed to hurt the team too much. Byron Scott has maintained that they did not draft Tristan for his offensive abilities, so as long as he patrols the boards and plays solid defense, he can still contribute when his shots aren't falling. His matchup doesn't get any easier tonight in Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson, but I suspect he'll get back on track soon.

I'm not going to predict an actual score because I don't like to depress myself this early in the morning, but I don't expect good things. I feel like a middle school coach when I say that I just want them to play hard and not give up (and have fun!), but I mean it. The Bulls have been a terrible matchup for the Cavs in the past and I don't really expect that to be fixed in one meeting. A competitive game would be a nice step forward. Sound good? Good.