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Cavaliers vs. Bulls: Post-game quotes

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Bulls on the road. See what the coaches and players had to say about the upset win.

Jonathan Daniel

The Cleveland Cavaliers snapped an 11-game losing streak against the Chicago Bulls with their 101-98 victory on Tuesday night. Here's what the Cavs had to say about their win without Kyrie Irving.

Byron Scott:

"Some guys came in and did some good things with Kyrie out of the game. We knew it was going to be tough. I thought guys stepped up big time, especially Luke Walton. To me he deserved the game ball, if we were giving out one.


"I thought Luke Walton just played well all night long. He did some great things on the offensive end and played defense. He just knows how to play. Having him in here along with Shaun Livingston really calms the guys down. They know what they are going to do. That play at the end was just big time. It's not just settling, the game wasn't over. He kept playing and playing and that was a big steal."

Luke Walton:

"We've been playing very solid basketball. We still struggle in that stretch once in a while. We are growing and we are definitely a much better team."

Conrad Kaczmarek:

"Holy crap, we beat the Bulls? WOOOOO. We're going streaking through the quad!"

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