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Super Bowl Open Thread + Best of Fanposts

Use this thread to leave your general thoughts about the Super Bowl and read some of the best Fanposts from Fear The Sword.

Hey guys. Today is Super Bowl Sunday.

This is an open thread for you guys to discuss the game, if you so choose. Since we're Cleveland fans, I hope that you are all rooting against the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis.

If you don't wish to discuss the Super Bowl, check out these Fanposts that some of you have been posting lately. Lots of good Cavaliers conversation started by you, the readers.

About the potential of signing Greg Oden - by Josiah419

Comparing the stats of Dion Waiters and Harrison Barnes - by Aj94

A look at how the Cavs will build a contender around Kyrie Irving - by cleveland_finest

You guys have been awesome with the Fanposts lately, so keep em coming. At some point I want to have a contest revolving around Fanposts, so let me know if you have suggestions for something like that.

Other links and such for the Super Bowl

* A preview of the game!

* A hilarious on-scene investigation of the deer antler place!

* Full coverage of everything from SB Nation!

* Matt Ufford's awesome, envy-inspiring food tour of New Orleans!

* Jon Bois' discomfiting Super Bowl Party breakdown!

* A drinking primer from Big Bois!

* Former Top Chef contestant Eli Kirshtein's perfect nachos!

* All of the commercials you'll see today!

* Our awesome Niners blog, Niners Nation!

* Our excellent Ravens blog, Baltimore Beatdown!