5 Reasons Why the Cavaliers Should Trade Kyrie Irving and Make Daniel Gibson the PG of the Future


So, many of you will be shocked with this fan post but there is basis behind this idea. I am going to dissect why Daniel Gibson should be the Cavalier's PG of the future and we should trade Kyrie Irving for pieces. Its rather simple really, but I won't spoil the article for you.

Reason 1

Gibson is a better 3 point shooter.

Lets face it guys, teams live and die by the 3. Late game situation, down by 3, Game 7 of the NBA Finals, who would you rather have shooting the ball: a career .413 3 point shooter or a career .406 shooter? Obviously we would all rather have the player with the higher 3 point shooting percentage over a LONGER career. Gibson is the .413 shooter and Irving is the .406 shooter. Advantage: Gibson.

Reason 2

Irving will bring back huge pieces for a championship.

For some reason, everyone is in love with Kyrie Irving. We need to capitalize on his high trade value now (something we didn't do with Anderson Varejao). Kyrie could bring back a huge return and help the Cavs fill out a solid roster. He might not bring back as big of a return as Kemba Walker (a far superior player) but he should still bring back a good player. One possible trade could involve Kyrie and Pau Gasol. Gasol is wasting away in Los Angeles and would look great in a Cavaliers uniform. A trade of Kyrie and Luke Walton seems fair to me. Gasol brings something to the Cavs which we have been lacking. VETERAN LEADERSHIP! This brings me to my next point.

Reason 3

Veteran Leadership.

Daniel Gibson has been there. He has been a part of a winning team with a winning culture. He learned from Lebron and showed flashes in the Detroit series of his ability. Kyrie is not a veteran leader. This team will never win when being led by someone who has never been there before! Daniel Gibson is one of the only veterans on the Cavs and he should be the leader if the Cavs ever want to win. Advantage: Gibson.

Reason 4


Kyrie Irving is never going to stay long term in Cleveland. He is too full of himself and some stupid team will throw too much money at a player who should be backing up Daniel Gibson right now. Gibson has shown that he wants to be in Cleveland when he re-signed with us last time. Gibson will be cheaper long term and wants to retire as a Cavalier. Irving has never shown that he feels the same way. Advantage: Gibson.

Reason 5


The biggest reason of all that Daniel Gibson should be the PG of the future and Kyrie should be shipped out: Lebron James. When Lebron comes back to Cleveland in 2014, don't you think he would want some familiarity? Anderson Varejao gets hurt too much and will probably be shipped out by that point leaving Gibson as the only familiar player. Lebron probably won't even come back to Cleveland if he doesn't have any of the players he won 66 games with. Gibson and Lebron should be starting on the Cavs in 2015 and bringing the first championship in years to the Cavaliers. Why would the King want to play with the Kid, Kyrie Irving. He wouldn't.

So there you have it folks. These are the 5 reasons Gibson should be the starting PG of the Cavaliers now and in the future. I apologize for the lack of slideshow form with these reasons. In related news: Dion Waiters sucks, Tristan Thompson is a bust, Anderson Varejao is overrated and injury prone, the Cavs lack veteran Leadership, Tyler Zeller sucks, and Kemba Walker is better than Kyrie Irving. Please come save Cleveland, King Lebron James, save our sorry souls.

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