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NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh likely to start All Star Game over Kyrie Irving

Lots of people thought Kyrie Irving would get the open spot in the East's starting lineup. But there's a good chance that Kyrie is not the one who gets the starting nod.

Gregory Shamus

With the injury to Rajon Rondo, there is vacancy in the Eastern Conference's starting lineup for the All Star Game. Using logic and common sense, one would conclude that Kyrie Irving should be the one to slide into the open spot. After all, Rondo was voted in by the fans and is a point guard. So, it makes sense that if Rondo can't play, the best remaining point guard would take his spot, right? That's the logical line of thinking.

Unfortunately, the person making the decisions may not be using such reason. As the head coach of the team with the best record in the conference, Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat gets to coach the Eastern All Stars. And by being named coach of the team, Spoelstra gets to pick Rondo's replacement. According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, it is unlikely that Kyrie gets the spot.

If you ask me, that's crap. Moving LeBron James to the point guard spot just to squeeze in another member of the Heat? The fans vote for 2 guards and 3 front court spots. I understand that Spoelstra gets to make the decisions, but to just change the format altogether?

And as for the "reasons" that Spo wouldn't start Kyrie, I assume Windhorst is hinting at the idea of LeBron coming back to Cleveland in 2014. If that's the case, Spoelstra's going to stop Kyrie and LeBron from starting the game together? Does that mean he won't play them together at all? Is he going to put chaperones in their hotel rooms and bug their phones to make sure they don't communicate at all?

If Spoelstra picks Bosh to start the All Star Game instead of Kyrie, it's petty and pathetic. Kyrie's the best point guard in the conference, so let him start. He's earned it.