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Rising Stars Challenge Mock Draft, Kyrie Irving goes first overall

The teams for the Rising Stars Challenge game will be picked tonight at 7 PM on TNT tonight. David and I decided to pick our own teams. See what you think.

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Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal will pick their teams for the Rising Stars Challenge tonight on TNT. Here's the teams that David and I picked for our teams. David won the coin toss and therefore got Kyrie Irving, uh, I mean the first pick.

David's Team:

(1) Kyrie Irving

(3) Tristan Thompson

(5) Anthony Davis

(7) Nikola Vucevic

(9) Kawhi Leonard

(11) Brandon Knight

(13) Bradley Beal

(15) Alexey Shved

(17) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Conrad's Team:

(2) Andre Drummond

(4) Damian Lillard

(6) Dion Waiters

(8) Kenneth Faried

(10) Harrison Barnes

(12) Klay Thompson

(14) Kemba Walker

(16) Tyler Zeller

(18) Chandler Parsons

Why David's team kicks ass:

I really think I have the three best players in the game, Mr. Irving, Tristan Thompson and Anthony Davis. Davis and Thompson might play the same position, but hey, this is an exhibition. The two of them with Kawhi Leonard are going to provide shutdown defense, and we have seen what Irving does to Lillard when they play.

Either Beal or Shved or Kyrie or all three will get hot from distance at some point. With Vucevic and my aforementioned sensational power forwards, rebounding won't be an issue. MKG provides energy off the bench, and has been known to give Harrison Barnes fits. But really, its all about Kyrie Irving. Let him score 15 points in the first quarter and watch his "peers" have fun with their little game after that. As Chris Webber would say to David Kahn, "Good luck".

Why Conrad's team kicks ass:

My team kicks ass because of dunks. I know that David got the best player (by far) in Kyrie, but you know what the Rising Stars Challenge is about? That's right-- ridiculous highlights. And I think the team that I've put together has plenty of ability to produce those. Damian Lillard can puts points up in a hurry and Klay Thompson can make it rain from three. But then we've got Drummond, Faried, Barnes, and Waiters to just throw down nasty dunks. Nobody plays any defense in this, so I expect Waiters to just waltz to the basket all night and dunk all angry because he's an angry basketball player.

We've got Kemba to bring some swagger and Tyler to bring some finesse. And Chandler Parsons is one of the most underrated put-back dunkers in the NBA.

Plus: Kyrie will barely play in this since he's in the All Star Game too. Strategy man, strategy.

What do you think of our teams? Who's got the better team? How much will Chuck and Shaq screw it up tonight?