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Rising Stars Challenge teams selected, Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters on Team Shaq

There are four members of the Cavaliers in the Rising Stars Challenge on All Star Weekend. Check out how the teams were selected.


Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal drafted the teams for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge on Thursday night. As you know, four members of the Cleveland Cavaliers will be participating. Here's how the teams ended up.

Team Chuck:

(2) Anthony Davis

(4) Kenneth Faried

(6) Kawhi Leonard

(8) Bradley Beal

(10) Ricky Rubio

(12) Tristan Thompson

(14) Nikola Vucevic

(16) Brandon Knight

(18) Kemba Walker

(20) Alexey Shved

Team Shaq:

(1) Damian Lillard

(3) Kyrie Irving

(5) Andre Drummond

(7) Klay Thompson

(9) Harrison Barnes

(11) Chandler Parsons

(13) Dion Waiters

(15) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

(17) Tyler Zeller

(19) Isaiah Thomas

I'm not really sure how Kyrie Irving wasn't selected first. But whatever. I'm also really disappointed that Kyrie and Dion are on the same team. It would have been cool to see the two of them go at it against one another. Tyler Zeller also joined Kyrie and Dion on Team Shaq. Tristan Thompson is all alone.

Who's got the better team?