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Kyrie Irving selected to participate in 3-point contest at All Star Weekend

Kyrie Irving will have a busy weekend. He's in the All Star game, the Rising Stars Challenge, and now he's in another event as well.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

This comes as a bit of a surprise: Kyrie Irving will be participating in the 3-point contest on All Star Weekend in Houston.

I had heard nothing about this until it was announced on TNT on Thursday night. Kyrie will put his 42.9% three-point percentage on the line against five other sharpshooters from around the NBA.

Here are the other players that will be competing in the three-point competition:

  • Matt Bonner
  • Paul George
  • Steve Novak
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Stephen Curry

I will admit that Steph Curry is probably the favorite for this competition, but I think Kyrie will have a decent shot. Last year, Kyrie did the skills challenge and the Rising Stars Challenge. This year he'll be even busier and have very little time to rest and hang out. He's competing on all three nights of the weekend. The Rising Stars Challenge takes place on Friday night, the 3-point shootout on Saturday night, and the All Star Game on Sunday night.

So what do you think, is Kyrie going to win this one too?