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Old Tristan is Dead, Long Live the New Tristan

Typically, we save Cavalier Poetry for when the one of the Cleveland Cavaliers departs the team. Today, we're doing something a little different. Today we gather to say goodbye to the old Tristan Thompson. The Tristan Thompson who got his shot blocked by the rim. The Tristan Thompson whose hands were apparently coated in motor oil. But most importantly, today we gather to celebrate the official birth of new Tristan.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Shock filled the air in the Q.

Hushed whispers were heard across the draft party.

"I have no idea who this Tristan Thompson guy is" said the guy next to me.

Turns out, none of us really did.

Tried to understand looking past Jonas Valanciunas.

You didn't exactly endear me with your play as a rookie,

Terrible jump shots,

Rejected by the rim more often than not,

I couldn't stand watching you.

Still, I remained patient and hoped against hope.

Tristan, you've proved the haters wrong,

Absolutely awesome for the past few months.

New look Tristan, I love you.