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NBA Rumors: Cavaliers would offer Greg Oden 2-year deal

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had interest in Greg Oden for a while now. Apparently, they have enough interest in him to put together a formal offer after the trade deadline passes.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

This is hardly a new rumor, but it has some new details to it. The Cavaliers have been among the several teams trying to get former #1 pick Greg Oden to make a comeback for their squad. We all know the story of Greg Oden and his multitude of injuries. But he still has great potential and is supposedly healthy. He's basically a 7-foot tall lottery ticket.

According to Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Cavaliers are prepared to offer Oden a 2-year deal with a team option on the third year once the trade deadline passes. Why after the trade deadline? Well the Cavaliers need to keep maximum flexibility in roster spots and salary cap in order to make any tempting deals that may come their way. After the deadline passes, you'll surely see a number of teams give Oden offers.

Oden has met with the Boston Celtics and is also getting interest from the Miami Heat. I predict that the Cavs have the inside track to getting Oden due to location and financial flexibility, but we'll have to see.