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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards: Post game quotes

The Cavaliers took down the Wizards at home on Tuesday night. Here's what the coaches and players had to say after the solid win.


After starting the game down 11-0, the Cavaliers bounced back and cruised to a 95-90 victory at home against the Washington Wizards. Here's what people were saying afterwards.

Byron Scott:

After the rough start, Byron took out everybody. He felt as though he sent a message to his team.

"They didn't want to play, so I took them out. Simple as that. I was going to do the same thing in the third quarter. Like I said, it normally happens in the third quarter, but we haven't gotten off to great starts in the first quarter. I just got to the point where patience is wearing thin, tired of what I was seeing, so I made changes...I think I made my point."

And the head coach commented on how the team will react to playing without Kyrie Irving for the foreseeable future.

"We have played four games in the last couple of weeks without him. We won two of those first three; I think our guys feel like we can still win, we just got to do the little extras on both ends. So, this being the first one, I think it doesn't really matter because we have had three prior to this. So we have a pretty good feel on how we have to play when Kyrie is not here"

Tristan Thompson:

The Cavaliers' young power forward commented on how the team was able to come out with energy in the third quarter.

"We've been talking about it all year, the third quarter being our Achilles' heel and not coming out with a sense of urgency and no life. We know that if we don't come out and compete, the same thing will happen like in the first quarter tonight."

Dion Waiters:

Waiters scored 20 points to help lead the Cavs and had similar thoughts about the third quarter.

"The energy. In Toronto, we came out flat and unorganized. We talked about it and we saw film and it was bad. Everyone had a bad taste in their mouth and we didn't want that feeling again."

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