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NBA Draft: Where do the Cavs stand in the Lottery?

It is a crazy race for draft position. Some teams want to win, some teams want to lose. Fear the Sword will be checking in each Wednesday on where the Cavs stand in the NBA Draft Lottery. Where are they now?


This blog is basically of the view that for the Cavaliers, tanking should be a thing of the past. Seeing development out of our young players is the most important thing at this point. It was on display last night as the Cavaliers rode the play of Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters to a victory the Washington Wizards. While it didn't help the Cavaliers in terms of their draft position, the wins make it easier to see that the rebuilding process is on track. As it stands, the Cavaliers stand a 5.6% chance of winning the lottery if it were held today.

The win, though, took quite a few ping pong balls out of the equation for the the Cavaliers. Things are really bunched up at the bottom of the NBA, with 11 teams having 25 or fewer wins. At the moment, the 22-42 Cavaliers are tied with the Phoenix Suns for the 6th best chance at winning the lottery. When playing Chad Ford's Mock Draft Lottery Generator, the Cavs usually end up picking 6th or 7th, which is what happens if a team below them jumps up in the lottery. When the Cavs jump up, they usually take Nerlens Noel. In the 6th or 7th spot, they usually select Alex Len of Maryland. In one crazy simulation, the Washington Wizards won the lottery, and we won the 2nd pick. Washington selected Noel, and the Cavaliers selected Otto Porter.

We will check in next Wednesday and see where the Cavaliers stand. Play the lottery yourself and let us know if you think Ford has guys going below us that you would rather have the Cavs take over Len.