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Dion Waiters injury: Cavaliers rookie guard out for at least a week, surgery possible

This is getting ridiculous. The Cavaliers are already without their two best players and have gotten some pretty bad news about Dion Waiters as well.


Well crap. Dion Waiters left last night's game with what the team called "knee soreness." We were waiting for the results of further testing and unfortunately, the results aren't particularly good. The Cleveland Cavaliers announced that Waiters will be out for at least a week, with the chance that he's out longer than that.

Waiters was examined at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health today by Cavaliers Head Team Physician Dr. Richard Parker. The exam, including an MRI, revealed a small, loose cartilage fragment in his left knee. Waiters will be OUT for approximately one week while he undergoes a period of rest, treatment and additional observation and examination. Following this period, and based on the continued evaluation of his knee, next steps regarding his treatment and recovery will be established, including the potential for an arthroscopic procedure.

See that last line? The one about arthroscopic surgery? That would totally suck. Let's hope that that's not the case, but "loose cartilage fragments" doesn't sound good.

On Wednesday night, the Cavaliers will host the Miami Heat with a chance to snap the 2nd longest winning streak in NBA history. Unfortunately, they won't have their three best players with Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao, and now Dion Waiters all injured. Bleh.

This really sucks because I wanted to see Dion develop more over these last 16 games. And it's rough that we didn't get to see Dion and Kyrie develop much chemistry this season. It may help the tanking and the future health of these young players, but it still sucks to see.

The Cavs will probably start Shaun Livingston and Wayne Ellington in the backcourt tomorrow night when LeBron James and company come to town. Byron Scott has said that the Cavs will need to sign another player for practices if Dion misses any significant time. The team has a roster spot from when they cut Josh Selby, so look for that soon.