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Kyrie Irving injury: Cavaliers star point guard may not be done for season

The Cavaliers are far less watchable with Kyrie Irving out due to injury. But fans may have something to look forward to as the season winds down. The team says that they aren't ruling out Kyrie Irving returning before the end of the year.


Maybe the Cleveland Cavaliers' tank engine is not running at full speed just yet. When Kyrie Irving was diagnosed with a shoulder sprain and expected to miss 3 to 4 weeks, most of use assumed that he would just be done for the season. He's a young superstar and there's no need to rush him back and get him in games that mean virtually nothing. But not so fast: Kyrie might be coming back.

Byron Scott said that he doesn't care how many games are left when Kyrie gets healthy. If he's 100% and the Cavs still have games to play, then they'll try to get him in the lineup, according to the Plain Dealer.

Scott did offer a bit of hope as far as Irving was concerned, saying that if he's cleared to play, Scott would be inclined to play him, regardless of the number of games left.

"Just because there's six games left, I wouldn't say, 'No, we're going to shut you down and not play you at all,' when I know he's healthy and he's capable of playing,'' Scott said.

It would make sense that Kyrie only comes back in Dion Waiters is also able to return. Waiters has been out the past couple of games with knee soreness and there doesn't seem to be any indication of when he'll be fully healthy.

The team is on pace to lose plenty of games and be situated nicely for the draft lottery, so it'd be a nice reward for the loyal fans that have stuck with this team to see Kyrie and Dion play the last few games of the season if they are cleared by doctors.