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Cavaliers lose to Knicks: Post game quotes

The Cavaliers blew a huge lead against the New York Knicks. Here's what the coaches and players had to say after the game.


After leading by 22 points, the Cavaliers utterly collapsed and lost 102-97 to the New York Knicks. The Cavs didn't have Dion Waiters or Tyler Zeller, but still...they led by 22 points. Here's some post game reaction.

Byron Scott:

"We had 20 assists at halftime. We moved the ball and the energy was great. In the second half, we didn't do that. Everybody stood around and we just didn't get back into that flow of really trying to make them work defensively. We had five assists in the second half."

Kyrie Irving:

"In the fourth quarter, they hit a few baskets and we had a couple of plays on both ends of the floor that didn't go our way. One of those plays was the tap out with three seconds on the shot clock. A couple of plays like that could have been avoided if we kept the lead and kept our intensity up."

CJ Miles:

"When you're facing a team like that who shoot 30 threes in a game, no lead is big. You can always come back when you shoot 30 threes a game. You have guys out there that were just making plays for them. They made some threes in the second half; we didn't get as many stops and we missed shots."

You can read the rest of the postgame quotes over at I also got video of Luke Walton talking about stuff after the game. I'll post that a bit later today.