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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Utah Jazz Final Score: Kyrie Irving wakes up, stuns Jazz 104-101

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a day to reflect on their collapse against the Knicks. And they looked like they were on their way to another sloppy loss against the Jazz until they woke up and stunned Utah, 104-101.

Stephen Dunn

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a great opportunity to win a game and do the Los Angeles Lakers a favor, but didn't seem to have any interest in doing that. The energy and intensity were lacking all night long and everybody seemed to just be going through the motions.

It was the second straight game that the Cavaliers had to play without rookie guard Dion Waiters. Tyler Zeller had missed the previous game due to the same illness, but was back tonight and in the starting lineup. He obviously wasn't at 100% and his lack of strength (more so than usual) was apparent.

The crowd was mainly silent for much of the night. It was just a weird atmosphere. Everybody seemed to perk up a bit as the Cavs trimmed the deficit in the latter parts of the fourth quarter.

And then Kyrie Irving happened.

The Cavaliers went on an 8-0 run, led by their superstar and pulled out an improbable 104-101 win.

Kyrie looked like GARBAGE for most of the game. And he finished with 20 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds.


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