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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Atlanta Hawks Final Score: Hawks top Cavs, 102-94

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The Cavaliers and Hawks played in Atlanta. What happened? Well, what do you think happened?


The Cleveland Cavaliers lost again. I know you are all shocked by this development.

The Cavaliers rested Kyrie Irving on the second night of a back to back and are still without Dion Waiters. In the first half, the Cavs lost one of their few reserve guards when Daniel Gibson got ejected.

Omri Casspi actually played pretty well. The Cavs did play pretty hard and never seemed to lay down and die. They fought til the end, but it wasn't enough as the Hawks closed out a 102-94 victory.

The Cavaliers have now lost nine straight games. But hey, at least Kyrie will play in the next game, right?

This season should probably just end soon.

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