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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Charlotte Bobcats Final Score: Cavs drop finale, 105-98

The Cleveland Cavaliers dropped the season finale to the Charlotte Bobcats. Was it Byron Scott's last game as coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers?


Well that wasn't a great way to end the season. The Cavaliers fell behind by 20 points and then battled back to take the lead in the fourth quarter. It was certainly a good effort, but they just weren't able to sustain solid defense long enough to pull out the win. In the end, the Cavs ended their season with a 105-98 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.

Go to Rufus on Fire for the Bobcats perspective.

The final loss means that the Cavs finish the season at 24-58 and in sole possession of the third worst record in the NBA. *crosses fingers for Nerlens Noel*

Kyrie Irving actually played quite well tonight. He dropped 24 points, 10 assists in the losing effort. Tristan Thompson finished 2nd in the NBA with 306 offensive rebounds for the year. Only Zach Randolph had more.

Dion Waiters also had a decent finish to the season. He scored 16 points on 6 of 13 shooting in his final game as a rookie.

Overall, it was a crappy season. Was this Byron Scott's last game as head coach of the Cavaliers? I'm not sure. It might have been. We'll have TONS of end-of-season content to wrap up the year and plenty of pre-draft posts to get you ready for that stuff. THE FUN HAS JUST BEGUN.

I deeply appreciate your support throughout the year. We had over 1000 comments on the final game of a 24-58 season. That's remarkable. And I know that the conversation is just getting started as we prep for the draft and free agency. I love doing this and I love you guys. Thanks for making it so much fun.


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