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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers contact Phil Jackson about coaching vacancy

The Cleveland Cavaliers need to find a head coach. What better place to start than with one of the greatest coaches in NBA history?


I was highly critical of the Cleveland Cavaliers' decision to fire Byron Scott. But if you can replace Byron Scott with one of the best coaches ever, I think that's a move you have to make. We already talked about how Phil Jackson expressed interest in coaching again. But now it appears that Chris Grant and Dan Gilbert are reaching out to Jackson to gauge his interest in the Cavaliers job, according to

The Cavs, who fired coach Byron Scott last Thursday, have been in touch with Jackson to gauge his interest in returning to coaching and in their open position. Last week, ESPN reported Jackson is increasingly interested in a return to the NBA next season, preferably in a management capacity, after two years away from the game.

As I pointed out last time we wrote about this, I have no idea if this is something that could actually happen. But I am encouraged by the fact that the front office is shooting for the moon. You'll remember that the front office picked up Byron Scott's option before this past season. That means that he will make $4 million from the Cavs, despite being let go. The willingness to approach Jackson, knowing full well that he's going to command serious money, is an indicator that the Cavs are very serious about winning soon.