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Mike Brown hired as new coach of Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have found their new head coach. And it's former Cleveland Cavaliers' head coach, Mike Brown.

Kevork Djansezian

Mike Brown is the new head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We had already heard rumors of this happening and then we heard actual reports of this happening. And now, the team has officially confirmed it: Mike Brown is the new head coach to replace Byron Scott. The team released a statement on Wednesday morning and is expected to hold a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to announce it formally. Here's what Dan Gilbert said about the return of Brown:

"I am more than excited about Mike Brown's return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Mike has done nothing but win in this league since he was a first-year assistant many years ago. He is going to instill a much-needed defensive-first philosophy in our young and talented team that is going to serve as our foundation and identity as we continue down the path of building the kind of franchise that competes at a championship level for many years to come, "

And here's what Mike Brown said about returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers:

"I am thrilled to return to Cleveland to coach the Cavaliers. The commitment ownership and management have shown in their efforts to build a successful team and organization is deep and I am excited to lead the team forward," said Brown. "Nothing would mean more to me and my family than to help bring success to this very special community and to all of our committed and loyal fans."

The deal between Brown and the Cavs is rumored to be for 5 years and $20 million+, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

We'll have lots and lots of new coverage and analysis of the new coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers in days to come.

Will the Cavs actually start playing some defense? How will Brown handle having an elite point guard like Kyrie Irving? Who will Brown bring in as his assistant coaching staff? What does this mean for the possibility of a LeBron James return in 2014?

There's a bunch of questions and we'll have some answers for you. But for now, just enjoy the fact that we know who will be coaching the team for the foreseeable future and can now turn our attention back to the 2013 NBA Draft.