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SB Nation Network NBA Playoffs Open Thread: Saturday Edition

There's four sweet NBA games on today. Join some people from around the network to chat about said games.

Andy Lyons

Welcome to our humble abode. Try not to use the subject lines because people will get upset.

SB Nation NBA is trying something a little new for the playoffs this year. We have a really awesome network of team blogs and basketball fans here, but unfortunately half of those fans don't get to root for teams in the playoffs. Some of us are rooting for ping pong balls in the lottery and such. But we're still NBA fans. And we still like to watch the NBA playoffs. So we're going to gather as many of us as we can in one place to chat about them.

Fear the Sword is hosting the SB Nation Network open thread for Saturday's games and hopes that some people from all different blogs can get together and discuss the action. See? It's like a big happy family.

So please be civil and follow all of the normal rules that go along with game threads and such. Oh and try not to cry or like scream or get nauseous if you end up watching Bulls vs. Nets.

But other than that, enjoy the playoffs.

Saturday's schedule

Nets at Bulls, 2 PM Eastern (TNT)
Clippers at Grizzlies, 4:30 PM Eastern (TNT)
Pacers at Hawks, 7 PM Eastern (ESPN)
Thunder at Rockets, 9:30 PM Eastern (ESPN)