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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Brooklyn Nets Final Score: Nets trash Cavs, 113-95

The Cavaliers have lost 10 straight games. A terrible first half doomed them at home against the Brooklyn Nets.


This was a pretty awful game. Most of us wisely turned it off at halftime, when the Brooklyn Nets led by a score of 66-36, and just decided to watch the Indians game instead. The effort and defense in the first half was non-existent as the Nets shot roughly 506230% from the field against the Cavaliers' poor excuse for a defense.

Kyrie Irving played tonight, but his presence didn't really add any energy to the rest of the team. Everybody looked lugubrious. It was clearly a disappointing effort after the team fought so hard against the Hawks.

For some reason, MarShon Brooks played really well tonight. He shot 12 of 16 from the field and scored 27 points. Yeah, MarShon freakin' Brooks. Reggie Evans had 18 rebounds in 27 minutes. That's pretty impressive.

Cavs media and Cavs Twitter are not very happy with Byron Scott and seem to be calling for his head. I'll write about this once I get a chance later this week, but I disagree. But if you feel that it's time for Byron to be fired, feel free to discuss it here. I'm sure all of the arguments will be levelheaded and reasonable.


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