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Important dates for Cleveland Cavaliers offseason

The Cleveland Cavaliers are sitting at home watching the NBA playoffs. But their spring and summer will still feature some important dates on the NBA calendar. Here's what they are.


So the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't make the NBA Playoffs. It's a shame and I hope that you're all watching them anyway. I know our Cavs have been slightly ignored lately, but that's what happens when the main writers on this site are all in college and all have exams at the same time. We'll kick up the NBA Draft coverage soon-ish and we'll have even more about the upcoming free agency and the season that was in the coming weeks. I promise.

But for now, here are some of the important dates coming up for the Cavs.

NBA Draft Combine -- May 15th-19th

The Draft Combine is that thing where the prospects do a bunch of random tests for scouts. It's where we get the official measurements, verticals, etc. The players are also put through a series of drills to let scouts and coaches get a better sense of what they can do. I have no idea how useful the Combine actually is, but it's pretty fun to watch. It's usually televised on ESPN2 and ESPNU and the coverage is usually solid.

We don't have the list of players that will be attending the Draft Combine yet, but I'll give you that information once it's out.

NBA Draft Lottery -- Tuesday, May 21st

This is the day that will determine the fate of the Cavs in the first round of the NBA Draft. Cleveland has the third best odds to land the top pick in the draft. The fact that they are slotted third means they can have no worse than the sixth pick in the draft. As always, you can mess around with the lottery using Chad Ford's Lottery Draft machine on

NBA Draft -- The Draft is Thursday

No, but seriously it is on a Thursday. The draft is Thursday, June 27th. The Cavaliers have their top pick (slotted #1 thru #6) and then the Los Angeles Lakers' pick (#19) and then two of the top picks in the second round (#31 and #33). I doubt the Cavs draft 4 players, but it will be a big day regardless.

And then free agency starts sometime after that in July. It's gonna be fun. And we'll have lots of articles about the stuff leading up to these dates, I swear. But in the meantime, continue to use the Fan Posts and discuss topics there because you guys have good ideas and it's lots of fun.