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NBA Draft 2013: Anthony Bennett, Tony Mitchell among prospects to enter draft

Here at Fear The Sword, we're going to try to keep you up-to-date with the most recent draft declarations. Here's the list as of 12 PM on Friday, April 5.

Harry How

With the draft deadline for entering fast approaching, I figured I'd start doing a round-up of players who have declared and who haven't yet. This will just be a resource for that, and only with small blurbs attached to each guy. Keep in mind that the people "testing the waters" have far less time to decide than they used to because of new rules. Players who have entered the draft now only have until April 16 to decide to keep their name in the draft. In reality, the "testing the waters" process is gone, but I'll still refer to the people who haven't hired an agent in that way here.


Anthony Bennett, Fr. UNLV - An in-depth profile of him will be released tomorrow.

Archie Goodwin, Fr. Kentucky - He's a combo guard with insane athletic tools who just hasn't put it together yet. Probably a mid-late first round pick.

Steven Adams, Fr. Pittsburgh - An in-depth profile of him will be released tomorrow.

Tony Mitchell, So. North Texas - I've written about him at length here.

Lorenzo Brown, Jr. NC State - A point guard who finished 6th nationally in assists, Brown has good size and should be a late first or early second round pick.

B.J. Young, So. Arkansas - An early season lottery possibility, Young is a combo guard that disappointed this season. He probably should have returned, but he'll get selected somewhere in the second round probably.

Allen Crabbe, Jr. California - Crabbe's a small forward that I like because of his shooting ability. However, unless he shows off a bit more athleticism, he'll be a late first to early second round pick.

C.J. Leslie, Jr. NC State - An in-depth profile of him will be released tomorrow.

Tony Snell, Jr. New Mexico - Said to just be testing the waters, Snell enters the draft at the pretty deep small forward position. I'm not sure that he'll stay in when it's all said and done, but he has solid potential as a wing shooter. He'll go in the second round if he stays.

Adonis Thomas, So. Memphis - This is the dumbest decision of the draft process. Why this former McDonald's All-American small forward is entering the draft, I don't know. He'll be lucky to be selected.

Marshawn Powell, Jr. Arkansas - He looks to be an undersized power forward that can stretch the defense a little bit. Averaged about 15 points per game. Probably won't be selected.

Amath M'Baye, Jr. Oklahoma - M'Baye is a different situation than most in that he also has French citizenship. He won't be selected, and he'll probably go over to France and have a lucrative career there.

Eric Moreland, So. Oregon State - A 6'10" forward said to be testing the waters, he doesn't stand much a chance of getting drafted.

Norvel Pelle, some prep school - I literally have no idea who this guy is.

Isaiah Sykes, Jr. UCF - Sykes is a 6'5" G-F who scored 16 points per game this year in Conference USA. He probably won't get drafted, but his declaring at least makes more sense to me than Thomas's.

Dario Saric, SF, Croatia - Saric is a 19 year-old, 6'10" small forward from Croatia. He's not ready to come over to the NBA yet, but he's a unique prospect who can run the offense in the half-court from the small forward position. A somewhat similar comparison seems to be a stronger version of Kyle Anderson at UCLA. He'll go in the first round most likely.

Sergey Karasev, SF, Russia - Another international small forward, Karasev is actually playing a large role on his Russian team. He's more of a slasher than anything at this point, and he'll probably be an end of the first-round, early second round stash pick.


Alex Poythress, Fr. Kentucky - I've written about him at length here, and I think he's making the right decision to stay despite the fact that he would have been a mid-first round pick.

Willie Cauley-Stein, Fr. Kentucky - I'm not sure he's making the right decision in that I'm not sure his stock will ever be higher. He's a really talented guy in who can score and run with the best of them. But he'll get a good opportunity to start next season next to an obscenely talented freshman class.

Mitch McGary, Fr. Michigan - I'm still waiting to see if the other shoe drops on this one. If Michigan wins the title Monday and McGary has a big weekend, this could be a change of heart. McGary has been fantastic in the second half of the season, and definitely looks like he'll be an effective pro.

T.J. Warren, Fr. NC State - With the mass exodus at NC State occurring (freshman Rodney Purvis is also transferring and Richard Howell is a senior), it's nice to see someone stay with Gottfried. He'll get a chance to be the man next year, and should do well for his draft stock.

Dwight Powell, Jr. Stanford - He scored in double figures every game in the New Year outside of his final one, but Powell is a solid player who can stretch defenses a little and rebound.

Kyle Wiltjer, So. Kentucky - He'll get time as a spot-up shooter with the freshmen next year. But he's definitely still not an NBA player, so I'm not sure why this announcement was necessary.

Marshall Henderson, Jr. Mississippi - I love this guy more than anything, but he's just not an NBA player until he cleans up his efficiency.


We'll keep you updated with this information as it becomes available. I imagine we'll see a lot more of these next week and over the weekend.