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Cleveland Cavaliers beat Orlando Magic: Post game quotes and reactions

The Cleveland Cavaliers took down the Orlando Magic at home. Let's see what the coaches and players had to say after the Cavs' 2nd straight win.


After being questioned about their energy and commitment to Coach Scott, the Cavaliers responded with two straight wins. Here's what people said after Sunday night's 91-85 win over the Orlando Magic.

Byron Scott:

"Good win on the defensive end. I thought our guys did a lot of good things just like we did in Boston and that's basically why we got the win tonight. I thought, defensively, we were okay all night long. We had a couple breakdowns but the effort was great. Offensively, we just couldn't seem to get in a good rhythm, but defensively, I thought we were pretty much all over the place."

Coach Scott also commented on what the effort and energy in the past two wins means.

"I think the biggest thing it says is, they haven't given up. They haven't quit. Like we have been saying, they are going to play it out. We are going to keep playing as hard as we can and keep trying to learn and keep trying to develop as a team."

Kyrie Irving:

Kyrie talked about what really helped the team get the win against Orlando.

"Our intensity. We were all focused and brought it in together. We fought together and that's what we need on a night to night basis."

He also commented on the shooting slump that he's in. He shot 3 of 15 from the floor on Sunday and 4 of 20 in the previous game against the Celtics.

"I'm probably in the worst shooting slump ever in my short career. I'm not really worried about that. I'm just going to anything I need to do in order to get the win. I'm going to fight for these guys. Obviously, my shot isn't going to fall every night. It's the law of averages. As long as I can contribute on the defensive end, that's my job."

"I feel like I'm worrying a little too much about the bigs in the paint as well. For example, my floaters; I'm shooting them a little too high. I'm worried about the bigs instead of going in and finishing. I'm conscious of it. I just need to go back in the gym and continue to get shots up."

Tristan Thompson:

The Cavs' big man talked about how he feels the need to step up and be a leader for the rest of the season.

"It's just being myself. Being natural and speaking up if I see something wrong. Like anyone on our team, if they think something is wrong and they have an opinion to say about something, they have to speak up. Just recently you have been coming to me and I've been speaking, so I guess you can say I've been a leader."

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