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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers Final Score: Pacers top Cavs, 99-94

The Cavaliers opened up a big lead against the Indiana Pacers. But the Pacers came storming back. The result? Just another 20-point blown lead for your Cleveland Cavaliers.


Well shit. A week after reports surfaced that the team was fed up with Byron Scott and ready to check out for the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers responded with three consecutive excellent efforts. Unfortunately, the effort only lasted three quarters tonight. The Cavs blew a huge lead and the Pacers won 99-94.

The Cavs and Pacers went back and forth early and then Cleveland pulled away with a 20-point lead. But then the collapse came. The Pacers stormed back after Frank Vogel was ejected. The Pacers used a 17-0 run (and some incredibly favorable calls) to get back in the game.

Kyrie Irving's shot was falling tonight and he was doing a great job setting up his teammates -- specifically Tyler Zeller. Zeller found his midrange jumper and was shooting it well. He even used it a couple of times to set up pump fakes and drive to the basket. Playing in front of his hometown crowd and family, Zeller was oozing with confidence. Unfortunately, he fouled out halfway through the 4th quarter.

The Cavaliers' bench was fantastic and guys like Omri Casspi and Kevin Jones injected some unexpected energy into the lineup. Yes, you read that right.

But the game completely turned in the fourth quarter. The Cavs led by TWENTY entering the quarter. But then they collapsed. The Pacers' defense locked down and the Cavaliers' defense fell apart. It's a familiar story this season. And yes, Byron Scott took timeouts when he needed to. The Cavs just continued to make crucial mistakes as the run got larger and larger. The Pacers outscored the Cavaliers 35-10 in the fourth quarter.

I mentioned that the Pacers got some friendly calls. Just how friendly? Well they shot 46 free throws to the Cavaliers' 15 free throws. And they got the benefit of the doubt on a call that took away an and-1 from Kyrie and was instead called a charge. Apparently the Cavs committed twice as many fouls as the Pacers, 29 to 14.

This marks yet another 20-point lead blown for the Cavs. Welp.

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