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NBA Draft Combine 2013 Measurements: Winners and Losers

With the combine measurements having come in Thursday night, here is a report of who came out ahead or who saw a slip in stock.


The NBA Draft Combine measurements are in, according to Chad Ford of ESPN Insider. Here is a quick rundown of the winners and losers.


-Rudy Gobert came out as the ultimate winner of the measurements portion. Gobert's measurements of 7'2" in shoes with a 7'8.5" wingspan aren't really a surprise at all. However, is 9'7" standing reach is something of a surprise, and it is the second largest reach in the history of the combine, according to Draft Express's database. Between the measurements and his performance on the first day, Gobert seems to be shooting up draft boards.

-Otto Porter was also a little bit bigger than expected, at 6'8.5" in shoes with a 7'1.5" wingspan. He did weigh slightly under 200 pounds, but if he is able to put on a little weight it looks like he's an excellent candidate to play not only small forward, but also the stretch 4 position.

-Trey Burke measured slightly taller than expected at just over 6'1" in shoes with a 6'5.5" wingspan. He should be in the mix for a top 5 selection, and possibly even number 1 overall if the Magic, Hornets, or Kings get that pick.

-Gorgui Dieng had the second biggest standing reach in the draft at 9'3.5". That should continue to help his stock go towards the lottery as the draft season progresses.

-Nerlens Noel was taller than expected at 6'11.75" in shoes with a near 7'4" wingspan. Considering he was slightly under 6'11" when measured in high school, it seems that he's still growing.

-Others who either confirmed or surpassed expectations: Jamaal Franklin measured in with a 6'11.25" wingspan, which means he should be able to steal some possessions at small forward. Cody Zeller's wingspan was not 6'8" as expected, and was in fact 6'10.75", same as his height without shoes. Peyton Siva measured at 6'1", which means height shouldn't be an issue. Brandon Paul looks to have the size of an NBA shooting guard at 6'4" in shoes with a 6'10" wingspan. Finally, Allen Crabbe measured out huge at 6'6.25" with a 6'11.25" wingspan, meaning he should be fine at small forward.


-In my opinion, the biggest loser was Kelly Olynyk. Measuring at 7'0" with a 6'9.75" wingspan, Olynyk is the winner of this year's "T-Rex Arms" award. He's going to continue to slide down my board.

-Shane Larkin ended up at 5'11.25" in shoes with a 5'10.75" wingspan. That's problematic, and will raise questions as to whether or not he's big enough to guard even point guards.

-Victor Oladipo measured at 6'4.25" with a 6'9.25" wingspan. This pretty much sets him in at shooting guard, as neither of those measurements are what I expected. He's still going to be a tenacious defender and ultimately this doesn't hurt him a ton, but it just takes away some of his potential versatility.

-Ricky Ledo seems to have not really come to the combine in shape, with a 10.3% body fat index. Considering workouts are all we have to go on for Ledo, getting into shape is going to be an essential task for him.

-Nerlens Noel also shows up here, because he only weighed in at 206 pounds. That could possibly have to do with his injury and not working out, but obviously he's going to need to put on weight to play center in the NBA.

-Other losers: Vander Blue's NBA role is supposed to be as a defender, but only has a 6'6" wingspan. Pierre Jackson was also sub-5'11" in both wingspan and height, meaning he'll struggle in the same way Larkin does. Adonis Thomas is now a sub-6'6" SF who can't shoot and doesn't like to defend, so he's not getting drafted.


-Some thought Shabazz Muhammad had a bad day, but measured out pretty much as I expected at 6'6.25" in shoes with a 6'11" wingspan. Should be able to play as a small 3 because of how tenacious he is.

-Mason Plumlee surprisingly measured at 7'0.5" in shoes. Good size for the center position despite a 6'11" wingspan.

-Steven Adams topped off his big day at the combine with a 7'0" measurement in shoes with a 7'4.5" wingspan. His stock continues to rise.

-Ben McLemore measured at nearly 6'5" in shoes with a near 6'8" wingspan. Solid day for him.

-Finally, the other European mystery man at the combine, point guard Dennis Schroeder, measured at 6'2" in shoes with a near 6'8" wingspan. He'll need to put on weight after being the only player under 170 pounds at 164, but those are solid length measurements for the general unknown German point guard.

Here are the complete results (ESPN Insider only).