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NBA Draft Lottery: Cleveland Cavaliers open thread

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight. Come here and chat about the drama with fellow Cavaliers fans.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft Lottery is TODAY. The NBA Draft is Thursday.

The Lottery begins around 8:25 PM on ESPN. Lots of drama.

Are you feeling lucky? The Cleveland Cavaliers have the third best odds to win the number one pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. That means that they have a 15.6% chance of being first. Earlier today, Sam Vecenie broke down the odds of the Cavs landing in each spot in the lottery. Since they have the third best odds, the absolute worst that the Cavs can end up is with the 6th overall picks. But even that scenario is highly unlikely.

So chat about all the NBA Draft Lottery drama here. Will the Cavs get the first pick? Will the Cavs get the second pick? Will the Cavs get the third pick? You get the picture.

Will WitMi lose his mind tonight? Will kendaru post a billion GIFs? Will Nicolas Cage stop by and give us some meta-GIFs? Will Analytics drop in and show us why the percentages are wrong? ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.