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Cleveland Cavaliers Win First Overall Pick In Draft

With Nick Gilbert as the erstwhile steward, the Cavs have once again won the first overall pick for the second time in three years and third time in eleven years.


The balls bounced the Cavaliers' way tonight as they won the lottery for the second time in three years to receive the #1 Overall Pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Nick Gilbert was again the Cavaliers' lucky charm as he was their representative at the lottery, giving him a sterling 67% record at winning the first overall pick. Dan Gilbert himself was also there, dressed in a rather dapper red suit with a red bow tie. Even Cleveland's own Machine Gun Kelly showed up, sitting next to the owner himself.

(And yes, the fact that I just had to go on a fashion tangent to get to the word minimum on an article really shows how comical this entire lottery process is.)

Now, looking forward to draft itself, Nerlens Noel is the presumptive favorite to become the next Cleveland Cavalier to go #1 Overall, following in the footsteps of Kyrie Irving in 2011, LeBron James in 2003, and Brad Daugherty in 1985, and the great Austin Carr in 1971. However, Otto Porter might have something to say about that depending on how well he works out for the team. And now, Brian Windhorst is reporting the Cavs will explore trade options with the pick.


Either way, tonight was an exciting night in Cleveland, and we'll be looking forward to stories tomorrow about attending the lottery itself from Conrad. We'll have a lot more information as this process continues up until the draft on June 27. Until then, have fun celebrating in the comments! Nick Gilbert did it again!