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NBA Mock Draft: Cleveland Cavaliers selecting Nerlens Noel with first overall pick

The Cavaliers won the NBA Draft Lottery. Let's see who the mock drafts have the Cavs selecting with the first overall pick.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft Lottery is over and it's time for NBA Mock Drafts. This would probably be a lot more interesting if the Cleveland Cavaliers hadn't won the lottery, but I am certainly not complaining. Lots of things can change before the actual draft on June 27th (it's a Thursday), but this is where we stand with the first round of post-Lottery mock drafts. I think you know where this is going, but let's look at a few of the bigger mock drafts.

Chad Ford,

Nerlens Noel, Kentucky

Here's a piece of what Ford says about the Cavs with the first overall pick. If you're an ESPN Insider, you can read his entire mock draft.

Noel might be the perfect fit for the Cavs. He could provide them with the type of defensive presence in the middle they really need going forward. And the Cavs can be patient. With Anderson Varejao and Tyler Zeller, they don't need Noel right away.

Nerlens Noel, Kentucky

DraftExpress is one of the absolute best sites for pre-draft analysis. The scouting report videos that they do are tremendous. Unsurprisingly, they also have the Cavs taking Nerlens Noel with the 1st pick.

Nerlens Noel, Kentucky

Jonathon Tjarks of SBN also has the Cavs taking Nerlens, although he is far less optimistic about the idea of it.

"Here's my problem with Noel to Cleveland: there won't be a lot of space on the floor with Noel and Thompson upfront. Neither can force their man to leave the paint, which is bad when you have guards who attack the rim like Irving and Waiters. Down the road, that's a group less than the sum of its parts."

Jeff Goodman,

Nerlens Noel, Kentucky

Shocking, I know. But virtually every mock draft on the internet so far has the Cavaliers taking Nerlens Noel with the first pick. If you're familiar at all with my opinions on the matter, you know that I agree. Here's what Goodman says about the Cavs and Noel.

"GM Chris Grant needs to improve the team's defense, and Noel will definitely do that. Once he is fully recovered from his torn ACL, he's a game-changer on the defensive end -- and will become one of the elite shot-blockers in the NBA."