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NBA Draft trade rumors: Cavaliers not sold on Nerlens Noel, could trade top pick

The NBA rumor mill is already swinging in full force following last night's lottery drawing. The Cavaliers won the first pick, so naturally they are right in the middle of all of them. I tried to round up as many of them as I could.


The first rumor came out almost immediately after the draft, and comes from Brian Windhorst, who continues to be well connected within the Cavaliers organization:

This seems to go beyond your usual "we will explore all options" type scenario that happens quite a bit around draft time. It is one thing to say you are open to trades, it is another thing to actually explore them. Sounds like the Cavaliers might really explore some deals. Chris Grant, in a post lottery press availability, basically said as much:

"You want to look at all your options and make the best decision for your team. This is a valuable asset that we can add to the group, whether it's in trade or keep it and add a player."

We have discussed this at length in various articles Fear the Sword, and Windhorst spells it out in his article: the Cavaliers are in a favorable position to make a serious trade to improve the franchise. Tons of cap space, a collective bargaining agreement that punishes teams over the luxury tax, lots of young prospects and draft picks, and now the first overall draft choice. Making a trade might not be the best move, but the Cavaliers do have flexibility. Jason Lloyd also reported on a possible trade:

Next is the issue of what the Cavaliers do if they do select at number one, and it doesn't sound like Nerlens Noel of Kentucky is a sure thing to be Chris Grant's choice:

Finally, it sounds like the Cavaliers will not only be aggressive on the trade market, but also in free agency. Various members of the Cavalier organization, from Dan Gilbert to Nick Gilbert indicated that they want this to be the team's last trip to the lottery in the foreseeable future. Jason Lloyd, echoing Chris Grant at the NBA draft combine last week, says the Cavs are looking to spend this offseason:

So what do you think Cavs fans. Are you like Conrad, who thinks this is all vague and standard stuff that doesn't mean much of anything? Or do you think a trade is a real option, and Cavs really aren't big on Nerlens Noel? The next month is going to be very interesting.