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Nerlens Noel scouting report video from Draft Express

Want to see what Nerlens Noel can do? Here's Draft Express breaking it down for you.

As usual, Draft Express provides a really good breakdown of what Nerlens Noel can and cannot do on the basketball court. Be sure to check out their other scouting videos as well. Oh and keep in mind that everything you're seeing in this video is from when Nerlens was only 18 years old.

It's a lot of the normal stuff that we have come to expect from Noel, but this is organized in a great way. You can really see his strengths and weaknesses. The best thing about the Draft Express breakdowns is that this isn't just a highlight reel. You'll see some great plays that wouldn't typically make a YouTube mix. Similarly, you'll see some really crappy plays that make you raise your eyebrows. Of course, every single prospect in the history of the world has had those crappy plays. Overall, this should give you a good sense of what Nerlens can do without having to watch a bunch of games.

I also encourage you to check out the written scouting reports about Nerlens Noel and various other prospects on Draft Express.