Fear The Fans Podcast!


This was a journey. Like all great things we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we started but went head first like Samardo to McDicks after being cut by the Cavs. The lovely fans that participated are as follows:

Mike aka Witmi

Ben aka XFL2001fan

George aka NDK

Chris aka Clevy15

Kenny G aka Kendaru

and myself (jrowan, follow me on the twitterz)

I promised I would get this up tonight and that I wouldn't sleep until that objective was complete which leads me into lesson 1. Editing takes a long freaking time. It just does but I guess it's a testament to how great of a job all these community members did in making this podcast both interesting and informative which allowed me to slowly go through the whole thing and not want to kill myself. Lesson 2 soundcloud on my computer apparently takes forever to upload. After five hours of editing it's taken my computer almost 2 hours to upload the podcast onto soundcloud. But not all was lost I played NHL 13 while I waited in my become a pro mode where I played as myself. A hatty as a defensemen y'all!.

I essentially feel like this right now:

JULIAN SMITH - Hot Kool Aid (via juliansmith87)

In other words I made this for you and will stand over you in a bath robe until you enjoy it.

Lesson 3! Not really a lesson just kind of a statement. I don't know how to insert music into the podcast. It would have been really fun but I reached a point where it just wasn't worth the hassle and it was too late to tweet the almighty boosh for advice. This was the song that was going to play in the intro, just imagine how pumped up you all would have been with this old school beat bringing you back to the days where bad boy was a thing:

Ma$e - Feels So Good (via 1990spaceghost)

It does indeed feel so good Ma$e. It does indeed.

The final lesson for you all when you read this in the morning and while I drag this on because I'm still waiting for soundcloud to complete it's upload and I wanna get as much sleep as possible is that we have an amazing community here at FTS. Not only did I have an impressive last minute assembly of some of you people here but complete support of the writers. Not only do they put up with our antics but they empower us and give us a forum where we can contribute our thoughts and have educated discussions. We may not always agree and get in heated debates and other times we can be guilty of group think but that's what being a fan is all about. But the support we get when we want to try something new whether it be writing for the first time with fan posts or trying something as absolutely crazy as a fan podcast is really awesome.

I also hope that all you lurkers don't feel intimidated or excluded by how tight knit the community can be at times. I encourage you to drop in and comment whenever you feel comfortable and as long as our debates are coming from a place of respect it's all good here.

Now without any more delay, here's our fan podcast:

Fear The Fans Podcast

Hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it.

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