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NBA Mock Draft 2013: Nerlens Noel goes first overall

Here's our first edition of the 2013 NBA Mock Draft. There will likely be some changes as we go along, but this is what we have for now. Check it out.

Ronald Martinez

The NBA Draft is Thursday. More specifically, the 2013 NBA Draft is Thursday, June 27th. We have just under a month until the actual thing, so let's continue doing mock drafts. Here's the unofficial official Fear the Sword mock draft (version 1). Sam Vecenie and I worked together to come up with our order of players, but ended up having to change things slightly.

You can watch us work through the draft, but keep in mind that the order we came up with there is not the order that you're about to see. Those were our initial thoughts, but we went back and revised it slightly. Much of it remains the same, but there are a few alterations. We'll definitely have another couple of versions as the draft gets closer and we get more information from rumors and such.

But for now, here's the 2013 NBA Mock Draft 1.0.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers -- Nerlens Noel
2. Orlando Magic -- Ben McLemore
3. Washington Wizards -- Otto Porter
4. Charlotte Bobcats -- Anthony Bennett
5. Phoenix Suns -- Alex Len
6. New Orleans Pelicans -- Trey Burke
7. Sacramento Kings -- Michael Carter-Williams
8. Detroit Pistons -- Victor Oladipo
9. Minnesota Timberwolves -- CJ McCollum
10. Portland Trail Blazers -- Shabazz Muhammad
11. Philadelphia 76ers -- Cody Zeller
12. Oklahoma City Thunder -- Steven Adams
13. Dallas Mavericks -- Dario Saric
14. Utah Jazz -- Dennis Schroeder
15. Milwaukee Bucks -- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
16. Boston Celtics -- Gorgui Dieng
17. Atlanta Hawks -- Rudy Gobert
18. Atlanta Hawks -- Jamaal Franklin
19. Cleveland Cavaliers -- Reggie Bullock
20. Chicago Bulls -- Mason Plumlee
21. Utah Jazz -- Allen Crabbe
22. Brooklyn Nets -- Tony Mitchell
23. Indiana Pacers -- Shane Larkin
24. New York Knicks -- Glen Rice Jr.
25. Los Angeles Clippers -- Tim Hardaway Jr.
26. Minnesota Timberwolves -- Sergey Karasev
27. Denver Nuggets -- Giannis Antetokuonmpo
28. San Antonio Spurs -- Kelly Olynyk
29. Oklahoma City Thunder -- C.J. Leslie
30. Phoenix Suns -- Jeff Withey