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Jeremy Pargo Signs with C SKA Moscow

One of the best moments of last season was when Jeremy Pargo went nuts against the Philadelphia 76ers and scored 28 in leading the Cavaliers to a victory. Unfortunately, he won't be doing that in the NBA next season.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

On one fateful night in November, lightning struck in Cleveland. Jeremy Pargo, previously of Gonzaga and the Israeli League, was the one to catch that lightning and stick it in a bottle. That night, Pargo scored 28 points -- including 12 in the fourth quarter -- to lead the Cavaliers to possibly their most improbable victory of the season 92-83. Pargo even added five rebounds and four assists for good measure. You can watch the insanity unfold in this YouTube video:

Jeremy Pargo 28 vs 76ers (Full Highlights) (via Mark Anthony Cash Garrettᴴᴰ)

It was every bit as ridiculous as it looks as it was happening. Unfortunately, it looks like Pargo won't be recapturing that magic in the NBA for at least the next two seasons, as he has signed a two year deal with $5.2 million with CSKA Moscow, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Pargo_medium

Even though it ended up as just a fleeting moment in the sun, Pargo will always be remembered by Cavs' fans for this single night where we all screamed "PARGOSANITY!" in unison. (Editor's note: it was PARGOMONIUM!) So have fun Jeremy, I wish you all the best. Hopefully you're able to become the force you were in Europe prior to coming to the NBA again. And maybe there will be a night in Russia where all the people in Moscow are chanting your name, just as it happened that fateful night in Cleveland.