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2013 Fear the Sword Community Mock Draft Sign Up

We spend a lot of time on here playing pretend GM. Might as well have our own draft. In the comments, sign up and indicate which team you want to pick for. The rules are below.


Alright guys, here is how this will work. In the comments, sign up for a team that you want to draft for. Either Conrad, Sam, or myself will be the Cavs so no one pick them. Once you sign up for a team, you will be responsible to making that team's selection(s) on Monday, June 24th, at 7:30 pm ET. We will do the draft live, almost as though it is a game thread or the draft thread.

If there are more than 30 commenters who want to do this, we will have to split up some of the teams. For example, Kendaru might take the Hawks first pick, while WitMi uses their second pick. We can cross that bridge when we come to it. What team you draft for is first come first serve. Once your turn to pick comes up you will have 5 minutes. If you don't get it in by then, myself or a another moderator will make the pick for you. When official picks are made, please recommend them, so that we can discern real picks from the fun horsing around that will probably be taking place. The other option would be to use the subject line for actual picks. I have no preference.

Some of the other sites that have done this have disallowed trades. I am agnostic about this. It could really slow down the event, and its hard to know if a trade would be legitimate or not. For now, I am going to say trades involving PICKS ONLY are acceptable, with the 5 minute window still applying. If you propose a trade and don't get a response, the clock keeps ticking. In the comments below if you want to persuade me to open it up more, or to get rid of all trades, I am open to that.

If you can't be here that night, still pick a team and email me three or four people you think will be available at that spot and why you are drafting them, and I can make the pick for you when your team's selection comes up. If you are here that night, when you make a selection, type up a little paragraph explaining why you think its the best option.

Hopefully I explained this correctly. Pick your team's in the comments below. I am assuming Conrad will be around to be the Cavs so I will pick for the San Antonio Spurs.

Last but not least, here is a link to the NBA Draft order.


So final lineup set.

2. Orlando Magic-Mike Schreiner
3. Washington Wizards-Jrowan
4. Charlotte Bobcats-WitMi
5. Phoenix Suns-clevyxc
6. New Orleans Pelicans-Brian.pilatzke
7. Sacramento Kings-Kindell
8. Detroit Pistons-From Downtown
9. Minnesota Timberwolves-Kendaru
10. Portland Trail Blazers-cleveland rocks.
11. Philadelphia 76ers-Harold Ramis
12. Oklahoma City Thunder-Mourt
13. Dallas Mavericks-Josiah
14. Utah Jazz-Erauli
15. Milwaukee Bucks-RoyIsTheBoy
16. Boston Celtics-nferreira87
17. Atlanta Hawks-Smarter.than.You
18. Atlanta Hawks-Smarter.than.You
19. Cleveland Cavaliers-Conrad
20. Chicago Bulls-Nicolas Cage
21. Utah Jazz-Erauli
22. Brooklyn Nets-CardSpartan
23. Indiana Pacers-Cleveland_Kid_
24. New York Knicks-saintweirdo
25. Los Angeles Clippers-rtellegent
26. Minnesota Timberwolves-Kendaru
27. Denver Nuggets-jjvot
28. San Antonio Spurs-New Zealand Basketball
29. Oklahoma City Thunder-Mourt
30. Phoenix Suns-clevy